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Our flagship brand named Probomed Labs has synonymized itself as a symbol of trust by patients, clinicians, and other stakeholders alike. We envisioned the provision of quality and reliable diagnostic and diagnostic imaging services at an affordable cost. Since its incorporation, Probomed Labs has focused all its goals on the attainment & benchmarking of the best Industry Standards.

Computer Diagnostics

We have the full latest computer diagnostics which also helps you in the online details as well as the accuracy of all of your reports.

Medical Laboratory

We are offering you all the test is the best pricing as well with the world-class medical laboratory. As your test will be best and correct.

Leading Doctors

Probo Med Labs is running with world-class best doctors which are always there to help you in all medical situations. Also, they take care of your report accuracy.

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All The Patient love to choose us as we are the leading Labs in the segment as well as if we will talk about the services, we provide all the tests 50% cheaper than the market.

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We are Currently Providing you with the best offer test at the cheapest price all of the time. Go now and grab them Immediately.

Basic diagnostic

Rs 00
Initial medical examination, free consultation, recommendations
  • surface inspection
  • pediatric examination
  • blood test

Advanced diagnostic

Rs 00
Advanced medical examination, consultations, diagnosis and treatment
  • 5 doctors examination
  • MRI scaner testing
  • blood test

Full body diagnostic

Rs 00
Full body diagnostics, examination of all doctors, full medical complex
  • all doctors examination
  • MRI scaner testing
  • full laboratory testing

The most modern
MRI scanner testing

Technique used in radiology to form pictures of the anatomy and the physiological processes of the body in both health and disease

  • Brain and vessels
    We provide all type of scan for brain and vessels
  • Mammary gland
    We also provide rare scan of the mammary gland at very low cost.
  • Spine and joints
    We also do the MRI of the Spine rod and Joints
  • Internal organs
    We also provide test of internal organ which is rare.
Our team

Meet our Founder & Director

Probomed labs are running on top with the guidance of our Founder and Directors as they are always guiding and helping us.

  • All
  • Founder
  • Managing Director
Dr. Mohit Garg, M.B.B.S, M.D

Managing Director

Our Managing Director as well as M.B.B.S Holder.

Jaya Garg, Msc. Biochemistry


She is the Founder of the Probomed Labs


What our patients say

Very accurate and efficient test results. The staff is polite and well trained. No hassle, easy tests. They give good medical advice on the basis of tests and the costs are also responsible.

Apoorv Agarwal
Our Client

Professional and timely service. Did RTPCR for travel purposes from this lab. Quick response and results. Recommended.

Tapash Goswami
Our Client

Excellent and professional service, staff and doctors are very friendly, always give genuine suggestions, test fee are very cost-efficient.

Abhishek Kr Kharwar
Our Client

I am fully satisfied with their services and staff. The staff is very co-operative and helpful, they suggest you always what is good for you. 👍👍

Anil Kumar
Our Client

The test results are quick and accurate. Highly recommend this diagnostic center.

Pragya Verma
Company Owner

Wonderful diagnostic center, genuine work environment. The technicians are well expereinced and reporting is quick and accurate

Praveen Khokhra

It was a wonderful service by Dr. Jaya Garg. Probomed Labs Diagnostics is maintained neat & Clean.

Sandeep Kumar Gautam
I should not disclose the name of some labs but their reports are fake. But after 2 wrong reports, I visited Probomed Labs and finally got the right issue to treat well. Thanks to Probomed Labs.
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