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We provide and extend personalized & innovative Diagnostics Lab services to our customers.

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Customer excellence has always been a top priority and it always will be. Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to working with you!

We are an experienced diagnostic team with a successful track record and bagging years of experience backing our services.

We look forward to assist you with utmost precision and care.

Dr. Mohit Garg, M.B.B.S, M.D

Director, Probomed Diagnostic
Everyone in the world is in a life altering situation because of new developing diseases. Incapacitated, elderly parents and children are confined to their homes and their health needs constant monitoring. We want to deliver this “door step monitoring” from collection to reporting with safety & reliability. Probomed’s goal is to increase testing at homes for anyone and everyone who wish to protect themselves & their loved ones from lifestyle diseases that are slowly but surely increasing our morbidity. I believe that probomed will definitely save and serve the community.

Jaya Garg, Msc. Biochemistry

Founder, Probomed Diagnostic
After Completing my post graduation in biochemistry& practising for the last 20 years, I have endeavoured in delivering accurate & reliable results along with the Assistance of my dedicated team of experienced & enthusiastic experts. Our vision & mission is to reach every person in need of medical investigation with at most honesty & quality, keeping in mind our responsibility that we possess as medical practitioners. We hope to serve you, by bringing the lab to you & hence guiding you to a better & healthier “You”

Our Vision

  • Good Service
  • For Community
  • Long Term Development
  • Help People

Our Promise

  • Sustainable Relationship
  • Renew Commitment
  • Provide The Best Solution
  • Adapt With People's Needs

Our Mision

  • Change The Habits
  • Best Quality
  • Stablity & empathy
  • Safer & Better Life


People love our services and 70% of our patients are regular and returned customers. We believe that continuous quality improvement and great customer service is the only way that we can make our relationship with the World stronger. 

“Excellence of Probomed Diagnostics is adding more strength to their reputation is their caring nature and supportive attitude. I’ll always prefer to take their services than selecting mediocre quality making any compromise with my health.
Rajesh Pandey
“Awesome is probably the one word to express my views about Probomed Diagnostics. Efficiency, punctuality, compassion, sincerity…I’ll give high marks to them in all of these. Great going, Probomed!”
Vikas Yadav
“Very friendly and professional. Loved the follow-up and progress calls”
Sales Executive
“I found that company representatives at all levels were willing to address our problems/questions with great flexibility. Work was done faster than we had thought it could be done. All of these made us feel like our project was their first priority, and made us feel we had good partners.”
Nitu Singh

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