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Test Criteria

  • physical demonstration of the projection is often best to ensure patient fully understands the procedure
  • ensure centring is adjusted when the patient moves into position
  • utilise an erect bucky when performing horizontal beam laterals to utilise oscillating grids, automatic expose control, and CR/IR alignment
  • if the patient demonstrates spinal scoliosis, ensure that the side with the convexity is closest to the IR. This will utilise the diverging beam and aid in achieving superimposition of the upper and lower endplates
  • try to remove as many possible image artefacts, especially when performing horizontal beam technique in a trauma context
  • if using a CR system, a smaller cassette 30 x 35 can be used when the sacral region does not need to be demonstrated. When centring, place the height of the CR 2.5 cm above the iliac crests