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A breast ultrasound is a type of imaging test that a doctor may order to check for tumors or other breast abnormalities. A breast ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce detailed images of the inside of your breast.

To conduct a conventional breast ultrasound, a healthcare professional will use a handheld device called a transducer to create images of your breast.

Alternatively, they may conduct an automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) or automated whole-breast ultrasound (AWBUS). This type of ultrasound uses a larger transducer to create a 3-D ultrasound image of your entire breast.

Scientists are also studying the use of contrast-enhanced breast ultrasound to create clearer pictures of breast tumors and other abnormalities.

In contrast-enhanced ultrasound, a healthcare professional injects or infuses a contrast agent into one of your veins. This substance changes how sound waves move through your body to create clearer ultrasound images.

Unlike X-rays and CT scans, ultrasounds don’t use radiation and are considered safe for pregnant people.